Monday, February 23, 2009

Lewis the Cat

I haven't shared much about the feline family member, have I? Allow me to introduce Lewis.

The tiny, pitiful stray that we took in 9 years ago has definitely prospered. Lewis (Lucy, Lucifer, even wretched cat, occasionally) weighs around 20 lbs. and is the most laid-back cat you could imagine. Throughout the years, he has tolerated being dressed in doll clothes, being pushed in the doll stroller, and generally being wallowed by small children; all without losing his temper.

Today, I had to take him to the vet in our new town for the first time because he has been having...ummm...stomach troubles...over the last few days. Given his age and portly figure I really thought we were dealing with diabetes and would have to pursue some sort of unpleasant and expensive treatment. As it turns out, all of his bloodwork is normal (unlike mine--ha!) and he is simply having some problems with irritable bowel. The vet remarked on how beautiful and massive he is and figures he has some Maine Coon Cat in his lineage. She prescribed some Prednisone pills to be given for a few days, pronounced him remarkably healthy for his age and sent us on our way.

As aggravated as I get with Lewis when I'm doing his litterbox or cleaning up cat-hair "tummbleweeds", I'm glad he's a member of our family. Long live Lewis!

Later Days!

P.S. My apologies to the grandparents for posting a photo of the cat and not of the grandkids.


all4memories said...

I guess you'll be catching it from the grandparents before long. :o)

Well, I'm glad Lewis is okay. I saw something on FB about it, and I wondered if he was all right. Give him a nice, gentle stroke from us. :o)

Anonymous said...

As much as I like my "grandcat", couldn't you have had my granchildren holding and petting him for the picture? Just kidding. I'm glad he's ok, too. Mimi

Kelly said...

Thank you for your kind remarks re:Lewis; I'll pass them on to him :o).
I'll try to take photos of the kids doing and post them.