Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's up on Wednesday?

This morning, E. went with Hubby to the office to help out in the food pantry for a few hours. With Brian (our student minister) out on "maternity leave" this week, it is helpful for E. to be an extra pair of hands around the office. She always takes her school books with her and tries to get some assignments done during slow times (Thanks, Mrs. Pat for keeping her on track). E. called shortly after they left to tell me that we were having a little snow flurry (a very little one).

She and Hubby should be coming home soon for lunch--it's Wednesday and you know that means tacos! We're having them at lunch because our youth are hosting a Pancake Supper Fundraiser before church tonight--yummm. I hope everyone won't be so full of pancakes and sausage that they doze off during Bible Study tonight!

The younger kids and I have been plowing through their schoolwork and we're almost finished for the day. Little M. has consistently been getting into mischief, just to keep things interesting. Between assignments, taking M. to the potty, and disciplining M., I've managed to do some laundry and general tidying. Hmm, maybe I should turn Wall-E loose on a couple of messy spots....

There you have our Wed. morning in a nutshell.

Later Days!

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