Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Typical Tuesday

Around here, Tuesday means Library Day and today was no exception. Part of our school day on Tuesday revolves around going to the library--the kids get books on topics that interest them, as well as books for research. I occasionally get to look around a bit but I am usually occupied following M. around in the children's area. He loves the puzzles, bead toys, felt board, toy phones, and puppet area. He also loves that there are often other little ones to play with!

Afterwards, we head home for more schoolwork and a little free time (recess) while I fix lunch. Hopefully, after next week our recess will be augmented by the addition of a new swingset. We had to leave behind our huge playset and playhouse when we moved to "now house". With M's birthday coming up soon (on the 15th), we're planning to get a new playset with swings and slide (with some financial backing from the grandparents). Pssst...don't tell M. if you see him before his birthday!

Following lunch, we finish up more schoolwork, with the goal of finishing everything that involves Mom's help before Quiet Time, which lasts from 2-4 p.m. (ideally). QT is the period of time at our house when all the kids go to their rooms while I try to get M. to take a nap. The bigger kids usually have some reading assignments to finish up during this time and then have free time to play, read, or rest.

The younger kids are usually happy to play together after being "confined to quarters" for a couple of hours, so I let them play as long as they get along. If (When) behavioral issues arise, additional chores usually produce an attitude adjustment. During this time, I can be found doing laundry or other work, and starting dinner prep.

Hubby's arrival signals the onslaught of the feeding frenzy we call dinner. Then, cleanup of both kitchen and children. A typical evening at home would find us grouped in the family room, some of us with laptop computers :o). Much later than we should, we have family prayers and everyone is off to bed. Thus ends a "typical" Tuesday.

Hope you enjoyed my barebones account of A Day in the Life....

Later Days!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's good for things to be normal. Just enjoy because it's about to change.