Wednesday, April 1, 2009

100th post (or close enough)

To celebrate my 100th post, I'm going to do the traditional "100 Things About Me" post, whether they are interesting things or not! Be aware that the following facts are not in any particular order--just the order in which they came to me :).

1. I just got my new power cord from Dell and my computer is working again!
2. I call my laptop "Rosie" because she's red and she's a member of the family :).
3. I am addicted to Facebook and the internet in general, so it's been tough to go (almost) cold turkey the last few days.
4. I've been married for 18 years (and a few months) to a wonderful man who "wears many hats"; he's my best friend, a terrific father, and a wonderful pastor, just to name a few...
5. We have four precious children, one of whom is turning 15 in a few days! The others are 12, 7, and 3.
6. I homeschool the aforementioned children; 9th grade, 6th grade, 2nd grade, and preschool?
7. The 3 year old is by far the most difficult to homeschool! While not doing formal schooling with him, he has to be kept busy and safe while I work with the others.
8. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Furman University.
9 I will soon complete my Master's Degree in Religious Education from Covington Theological Seminary.
10. I am presently working on an Educational Administration course.
11. Math is the toughest subject for me to teach the children.
12. History and literature are the easiest b/c I love those subjects.
13. Teaching a child to read is the most wonderful feeling :).
14. Watching my three oldest carry books everywhere with them and read constantly is also a wonderful feeling!
15. Watching the 3 yo pretend to read and ask to be read to is a joy.
16. I am not gifted in organization skills.
17. The disorganization of our homeschool is something I constantly am trying to improve upon.
18. I have Spring Fever and truthfully, would love to take a break from MY school and THEIR school for a few days.
19. I love going to church and am thrilled that my children feel that way, too.
20. I have been a Christian since I was 9...that makes 30 years!
21. I should be much more godly having been a Christian for 30 years...a fact which grieves me.
22. I read through the Bible each year, using a different "plan" and have done this for several years in a row.
23. I should be much more knowledgeable about the Bible than I am...but I'm working on it!
24. My 3 older children are all Christians--hallelujah!
25. My husband had the honor of baptizing all of them :).
26. I have had several surgeries: 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted, 2 procedures after miscarriages, 2 c-sections, and gallbladder removal.
27. I don't want any more surgery.
28. I have a "double bellybutton" following the gallbladder surgery: a slight umbilical hernia makes it look like I have both an "innie" and an "outie."
29. No, you may not see it!
30. Don't ask again!
31. Two of the kids have had stitches: N (12 yo) got stitches in his chin the day before his 2nd b-day and E (almost 15) got stitches in her thumb several years ago.
32. E won a huge jar of candy corn at our church's Fall Festival by making the closest guess of how many candies were in it; she dropped the jar and it shattered. She began picking up pieces and cut an artery in her thumb. We spent several hours in the Emergency Room on Halloween night.
33. You meet interesting people in the ER on Halloween.
34. I love to read and usually have several books in progress. Which one I pick up depends on my mood and how much I need to concentrate.
35. I can ride a unicycle. Well...I used to ride. Last time I tried, several months ago, I had a rough dismount and injured my ankle and foot. I was on crutches for a couple of days and had to wear a brace for awhile.
36. My other ankle is also weak b/c I injured it stepping off a sidewalk into a storm drain about 2 years ago.
37. Why, yes, I DO seem to be clumsy, don't I?
38. I can play the clarinet. Well, I used to play the clarinet :). I need to practice so I can be in our church's ensemble....
39. My favorite color is red.
40. My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk, but I'll take anything, thank you.
41. I love dark chocolate and eat far too much of it. But it's the healthy kind, right?
42. I love to go to the beach with my extended family!
43. I enjoy visiting museums and battlefields, too.
44. I would love for someone knowledgeable to take me shopping for clothes and say "This suits you."
45. I would love to build an entire wardrobe of clothes that suit me and make me feel good about myself.
46. I'd like to lose about 20 pounds before buying this entire wardrobe :).
47. Hubby and I are planning to go to England to celebrate our 20th anniversary...or 25th? Maybe I'll have that new wardrobe by then :).
48. My eldest and I are able to share some clothes (which means most of my jeans are NOT "mom" jeans).
49. I enjoy many kinds of music. My ipod playlist includes: ABBA, Michael Buble, Christian Contemporary, Show Tunes, and children's songs.
50. I never thought I'd have an ipod, a laptop, or a blackberry but I now have all 3.
51. I've even been known to send a text message or two!
52. I was an honors student in high school but a mediocre student in college. I'm trying to be an honors student again for my postgrad.
53. I'll be turning 40 in another month. I find this strangely disturbing....
54. I'm a fan of the tv show Monk--too bad it's in its last season :(.
55. I was a fan of the tv show The West Wing--I killed it, too.
56. I almost always disagreed with the political viewpoints expressed on TWW but loved the characters.
57. I almost always disagree with the political viewpoints of our current government but pray for our leaders, anyway.
58. I am passionately pro-life/anti-abortion!
59. That means I'm basically a one-issue voter--what the candidate thinks about the sanctity of life is the single most important factor to me.
60. I believe that the two babies I miscarried were already babies, not fetuses, and that I'll meet them one day in heaven.
61. I believe that we are living in the last days and that Jesus' return is coming soon!
62. I also believe that the Bible is inerrant and literal--the Earth was created in 6 days by God and man and dinosaurs lived at the same time. The Earth is not billions of years old and evolution is a fallacy, concocted by people who don't want to be held responsible for their actions by our Creator. If science disagrees on any point, Science is wrong!
63. Evolution requires just as much faith as Christianity but you won't get an evolutionist to admit it :).
64. If you've read this far, you know I'm pretty passionate about the subject.
65. I love to read books on dinosaurs and other early history, written from a Creationist viewpoint. I also love to read books written by those with other viewpoints but I judge them in light of God's Word.
66. I haven't had paying job since shortly after our eldest was born. I went back to my job as a Library Technical Assistant at Clemson University after my maternity leave was up but hating leaving my baby every day.
67. We bought a computer and I quit my job to stay home and do typesetting for the newspaper my husband worked for at the time.
68. I don't miss typesetting.
69. I've never regretted staying home with my children, though it has meant making different choices than dual-career couples.
70. My children have expressed that they never want to be put into school--though they complain sometimes about having to do schoolwork, they would much rather do it at home than at a school.
71. My children are some of the smartest, friendliest, best kids in the world! Just ask their grandparents :).
72. I am proud of how my children are able to interact with people of all ages. What socialization problem?
73. Fall is my favorite time of the year...leaves changing colors, a little chill in the air, and holidays around the corner....
74. Spring is my next leaves and flowers, warmer weather, my girls' birthdays, and Easter!
75. Spring, unfortunately, brings allergies with it :(.
76. Summers in SC are steamy!
77. I love to change gears in our new car (when I get to drive it instead of the minivan)!
78. I have one older brother, who is married and has 2 children. We get along much better now that we're grown :).
79. Hubby has one older brother, who is married and has 2 children. I think they probably get along much better now that they're grown :).
80. Hubby and I first met as seniors in high school, when his family moved to SC from NC. We didn't date then but were "re-introduced" our sophomore years in college when his brother began dating a close friend of mine. They married in June of 1990 and we married in December of 1990!
81. I can't imagine finding a better husband! God is so good :).
82. He surprised me with this laptop last year for Mother's Day/my birthday! Wonder what he'll get me this year? Kidding.
83. My parents and in-laws are terrific parents and grandparents!
84. My hubby has travelled around the world on mission trips but I've only left the country once...our honeymoon to Cancun 18 years ago.
85. That will probably change this year...with mission trips planned to India and Nova Scotia.
86. Providing the funds for these trips is a God-sized task!
87. I am prone to worrying about things rather than leaving them to God :(.
88.Yes, I know he says not to do that.
89. I suffer from insomnia (see #87).
90. When my eldest is beginning her freshman year of college, my youngest will be beginning 1st grade!
91. We presently only have one pet, a cat named Lewis John. He is part Maine Coon Cat and is very large and docile. He was called Lucy for several years b/c of a gender mixup.
92. We have owned goats, cows, chickens, and rabbits.
93. I learned to herd, catch, vaccinate, and assist in birthing the goats. In the process, I learned to dislike goats...kidding...sort of.
94. Our family is investigating different dog breeds with a view towards getting the "perfect" dog for our family. This is totally instigated by our eldest, who is passionately interested in dogs.
95. I have no interest in house training a dog, being still in the midst of house-training our 3 yo.
96. My favorite type of cuisine is Mexican, but it is a treat to eat anything fixed by someone else.
97. I like magazines b/c they don't require much time or concentration--2 commodities that I don't have to spare.
98. I love to escape to my jacuzzi tub for a loooong bubble bath, and read a book or magazine.
99. I like to watch America's Funniest Home Videos with my kids and listen to them laugh.
100. I hope to be blogging long enough to do a 200th post...but I don't think I'll ever try to think up facts about me again!

Thanks for reading and Later Days!


Anonymous said...

Fact #101: Your kids think you are great!
Emily(kid #1)

Mandy Padgett said...

I am impressed Kelly! This was very interesting. Now, if I can only make to maybe my 50th! E., that was very sweet of you!

all4memories said...

You have got to be "kidding" about #93! Ha!

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it.

E., aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Will you teach my children to say that??? :o)

Jan and Miekie said...

I really enjoyed this! In many aspects we seem like kindred spirits - I feel like I know you so much better after this. Good idea. Excellent blog - keep it up! Good luck with the studies. I did my pre-primary diploma when I was in my forties and did much, much better than when I was at varsity! Age brings some wisdom and insight and a lot of things made more sense. I also disagreed a lot with my tutors and then they would give me 100% for my assignment rather than to argue!

Anonymous said...

E. Is Right!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Love Your Kids! I Hope!!! LOL

K (kid #3)