Monday, April 6, 2009

Palm Sunday

Our services yesterday were wonderful! During the Children's Sermon, the kids were given palm branches and proclaimed "Hosanna!" and "Jesus is coming!" to the congregation. Then, the children shared some special songs of rejoicing with us. How I love to hear those sweet voices...and I know God loves it, too :). The photo above shows the portion of the children's choir that has my K. in it.

After the service, we had the unusual experience of petting a squirrel. Well, that's unusual for me, anyway. A couple in our church handle "rescue" animals and had to bring a 7 week old squirrel with them in a carrier...the young animals have to be bottle-fed and kept warm at all times. We were told that its mother had been killed by a dog and that it had only opened its eyes last week. M. was fascinated with it and thrilled to pet it.

Later Days!

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all4memories said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading all of your posts! LOL No, I really enjoyed reading them and catching up with what you all have been doing. I'm glad everyone is better.

That's neat about the squirrel. I guess that added one to your attendance number, didn't it? Ha! Ha! We had a baby rabbit last year about this time that Carl found in the backyard. Everybody got to hold it and pet it. We put it in a box snd watched it until that afternoon until we turned it loose. We told the kids that it needed to go find its mother. It was a cute little critter!!