Monday, April 6, 2009

Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 4, was our church's Easter egg hunt. God granted us a gorgeous day and many excited children :). It's so much fun to watch the children excitedly scampering around finding the eggs. Eggs for M.'s age were just scattered openly so that each child could fill up a basket...M. then had to open each egg looking for baby birds! K. had a great time chattering, hunting for eggs, and playing games with her friends (and 7 year old girls have lots of friends).

I'm so grateful to those who devote their time and energy to making an event like this possible for our children...thanks Mandy and Susan (and any others I don't know about)!

Later Days!


Mandy Padgett said...

Mandy and Susan don't feel like they did too much :) But at least the kids had fun!

Kelly said...

You did a great job! According to M., it was "the best egg hunt EVER!" and "the best lollipop EVER!"