Saturday, April 18, 2009

M. sleeping & update

It's been some time since I've snapped a photo of M. sleeping in an unusual place. He still does it, of course, I just usually don't get a picture. This afternoon he crawled under my "desk" (which is really a card catalog from a defunct library), chasing a small rubber ball. Apparently, the search wore him out :).

Update on water disaster: The water extraction machines are staying for the weekend. In fact, parts of the bathroom floor are wetter now than they were when the process started, so there's still a leak to be isolated. You can bet that next week's posts will involve water extraction, plumbing, and flooring.

Update on sciatica: After a few days of hobbling about with a painful back, I finally went to the doctor yesterday (Fri.). I'm now on 3 medicines, including anti-inflammatory pills and muscle relaxants. I'm not sure whether my condition has improved at all or if I just don't care as much :).

Hope everyone has a wonderful Lord's Day!
Later Days!


Anonymous said...

How's the back?
Did the extraction team come back?
Where did M fall asleep today?
Can we come see you?

Kelly said...

Wow, anonymous, lots o' questions!
1. Back is better, almost normal.
2. Extraction team didn't come today--don't know any more about our water problem.
3. I barely got Micah to fall asleep in the bed at naptime.
4. Come see us anytime you can!

The invitation to come see us does not apply to all those stalker-type "anonymous-es" that I don't know in real life--to all of those...stay away!