Monday, April 6, 2009

More sickness!?!

Can you believe it...we've had more plague in the house! Youngest and oldest both had another virus that is, thankfully, leaving us. I've got photos from several days' worth of "blog-worthy" events, so please be patient as I try to get them on the blog with explanations :). The last weekend in March, we went Back Home for a combined celebration of Nana's and E.'s birthdays. It didn't turn out to be the party we expected, as we ended up taking N. and K. to Urgent Care for fevers and vomiting. Nevertheless, since we had traveled to be with the grandparents (who had already been exposed to the virus, courtesy of our children spending the night with them) AND brought with us the Lord of the Rings cake that E. had chosen for her b-day, we met with all four grandparents for breakfast (and cake) before heading home.

I wanted to show you just how creepy a birthday cake can be! E. is a huge fan of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, books and movies, and chose this cake out of the "Cake Book" at a local grocery store's bakery. Yes, it has Gollum crouching on it and is iced in particularly unappetizing colors. Yummmm :). And, it had Sam & Frodo the hobbits on it...And, a "Lord of the Ring" ring (not to be confused with the "One ring to rule them all"). Anyway, we were not put off by appearances...we enjoyed it very much but left the corner with Gollum for E.


Mandy Padgett said...

Happy Birthday E.!! I hope it's wonderful!

Susan C-Y said...

You should post that cake on Cake Wrecks ( Does Golum actually have hair? That is hilarious!