Tuesday, May 26, 2009

40 is the new 30 (or so they say)....

Yes, the big day has come and gone. Sunday was my 40th birthday and I've been celebrating ever since :). My parents and my niece C. came to visit and we've very much enjoyed spending time with them.

One thing about Facebook is that everybody knows it's your birthday! I can't believe how many well wishes I got. The online messages and phone calls just kept coming. Thank you to all my friends and family who made my birthday so special.

In keeping with my resolve to take better care of my health, I'm the proud owner of new running shoes and some workout gear. My excuses are gone; unfortunately, the rest of my chocolate birthday cake is not...lol. The dietary portion of my resolve will be postponed until it is.

Since today is Tuesday, I must get off the computer now and take my kids to the library--life goes on....

Later Days!

P.S. Sorry you had to see photos of me--I'm usually the one behind the camera. Mimi felt the need to capture her baby's birthday :).


Anonymous said...

Hey, K, I'm sorry for the part I played in making you postpone the healthy routine you are wanting to start. I will admit I did bake the chocolate cake (with E, K, and C helping). I know when you and E take Annie for a walk, it will put those running shoes to the test. Ha! Ha! Papa and I sure enjoyed helping you celebrate you birthday. Love to all, Mimi

Jan and Miekie said...

Hi Kelly
Happy Birthday. You don't look 40, so I guess the 40 now is actually 30! Great photos. Good luck with the new fitness era. When you're an old lady you will at least be able to say Well I did everything I could to prevent osteoporosis and heart attacks.... When I see some of the old dears struggling in our water aerobics class and who are only there because the doctor said they had to exercise, I bet they wish they had done something fitness wise earlier in their lives.

all4memories said...

Oh, Kelly, you look good for your age. Ha! Ha! I hope you had a good one. I sent you a couple of messages on Facebook. I hope you saw them amongst all the others. :o)

Take care and run a lap or two for me. I'm going to keep on Wii-ing. lol

T said...

Okay--eventhough I have your bday written in my calendar, and remembered it 2x last week, I still forgot until just now! Must be because I turned 40 2 months ago, and now can't remember anything! Happy Belated Birthday!!! I'm sorry I'm delinquent! (Kan's still older than both of us!)