Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Annie news....

Seems like our new dog is taking up quite a bit of time and attention these days :). Saturday, Hubby and eldest took both Lewis the Cat and Annie the Basset to a "shot clinic" for their rabies vaccinations. Lewis got carsick and threw up; Annie wet in Hubby's car. Sunday morning before church, Lewis threw up; Annie wet the carpet. It's a good thing that we recently bought one of those portable carpet cleaning machines!

Yesterday, the 4 kids and I took Annie to the vet for a physical and got some unpleasant news...Annie has some internal parasites. Ugh! We've begun treatment and hopefully, she'll soon be completely healthy. She's such a sweetheart that we hate for her to be feeling unwell.

We'll be making a short trip Back Home this Friday/Saturday to visit family and for Hubby to perform a wedding at our former church. We're looking forward to seeing some dear friends that we haven't seen in a while, as well as celebrating the marriage of a godly young man that we watched grow up!

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad there are no pictures with this blog. I hope Annie recovers soon. So looking forward to the weekend and your visit. Mimi

all4memories said...

We're going to try to go the wedding, too if all works out. :o)