Saturday, May 9, 2009

Every Day is Mother's Day!

I became a mother on April 6, 1996. Nothing that had come before could have prepared me to mother that baby girl. All I had was a greater love than I thought was possible and a fierce determination to protect her from any harm. To be honest, it's surprising that hospitals send defenseless babies home with such inexperienced people as myself and hubby! I found that, sometimes, Mom was the one who inflicted pain--accidentally pinching little fingers when clipping those tiny nails, hitting fuzzy baby heads on carseat handles, holding baby while the nurse gave her a shot. More often, Thank Heaven, I got to witness those "firsts"--smiles, rolling-over, steps...

Since that day in 1996, we've added three more precious children to our "quiver." I've continued to witness firsts with my eldest "baby" while enjoying the firsts of each of my other children. Those first smiles and steps never get old, no matter how many children you have! Despite more experience, I've found that I still pinch little fingers sometimes, and bump heads, and have to kiss boo-boos that I accidentally inflict. I certainly can't pretend to "know it all" where children are concerned.

It would be amazing to calculate the number of times I hear "Mama" during one day--remember, I homeschool, so I'm with my children ALL DAY! I fill the sippy cup for the youngest an average of 8 times a day, settle disputes between siblings, clean up messes, cook, do laundry, help with difficult math problems...basically, I dole out punishments and rewards from the time the first child arises in the morning until the last one goes to sleep! Anyone would be crazy to apply for a position with that job description!

Admittedly, much of what moms do isn't very glamorous. Ah, but the really great part is snuggling up with the youngest to read a Bible story, tickling him and hearing the giggles; braiding my girly-girl's hair and watching her twirl around in a new dress; listening to what my elder son has learned about the presidents and asking his permission to get a kiss; having the occasional mature discussion with my eldest but enjoying the same goofy sense of humor, too...Priceless.

Thank you, God, for the privilege of being E., N., K., and M.'s Mom! I look forward to holding that position for the rest of my life :).

I must also thank Mimi and Nana for their faithfulness and tenderness in holding this same position for many, many years, AND for taking on the additional title of Grandmother. I couldn't ask for better role models and examples of Godly motherhood for me and for my children!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers who may be reading this!

Later Days!


all4memories said...

I better go grab a tissue. That was very well written and a very accurate description of what motherhood truly means.

all4memories said...

Oh yeah, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! It was great to see all of you again!!

Anonymous said...

You are the best kind of Mom. You love God with all your heart and then love your family. I remember you guys bringing E home 10 hours after her birth. God took care of her then and led you and A in how to care for her. I have to remember the same is true today as He leads and you follow. Even if He leads you to move away. Enjoyed the weekend with you guys. Papa and I had a "swinging" good time especially with M. Love, Mimi