Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Different Kind of Tuesday....

In case anyone felt the earth jarred out of its usual trip around the sun yesterday, I must explain that we DID NOT make our usual pilgrimage to the library.

Our family was privileged to attend a special preview of the new movie, "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry." It was a terrific family movie that will be shown in theaters in September. Please make it a point to attend when it comes to a theater near you!

As Christians, we are often critical of the cinematic garbage being offered to the viewing public these days...and with good cause. However, violent, pornographic, degrading, and anti-God films would not be shown if they did not make money. When an uplifting, family-appropriate, Christian-themed movie comes to theaters, we need to support it with our attendance and spread the word to our friends, so that theater-owners realize there is a market for good, wholesome entertainment.

Later Days!

p.s. We're going to the library today. :)


Jan and Miekie said...

Thanks for the movie tip! We'll keep an eye open, but it takes a long time for the movies to come year after having been release in the U.S.A. Keep an eye open for "Faith like potatoes" - a good South African film that will apparently be released in the U.S.

About the elections in S.A.: They were proclaimed free and fair, but people have reported ballot papers that were marked beforehand - that might have been the reason for the big number of spoilt votes? In two of our poorest provinces with very poor service record, more than 80% voted for the ANC (the ruling party since 1994). People are very loyal to the ANC, but I believe many are intimidated by lies and ignorance e.g. that if they do not vote for the ANC they will no longer receive social benefits etc. Why did Zimbabwe keep on voting for dictator Mugabe? Same reason. We pray that we will not head the same way as Zimbabwe! Jacob Zuma will be inaugurated as president on Sat. He was acquited on a charge of rape, but nonetheless had unprotected sex with an HIV positive person - outside wedlock! His financial manager was in jail for corruption of J. Z. and the prosecuting authority then tried to prosecute J.Z. (it takes 2 to tango!) but they botched the procedures and J.Z. managed to get the trial thrown out permanently. But he has not been proven innocent! He tried his level best to stay out of court - what does he have to hide? He cannot afford his dozens of children's school fees - if you cannot run your own household and appoint honest financial advisors - how can you run a country?? But, there it is, he is the president and we must respect him as such. Pray for J.Z. and S.A. We are on a knife's edge as far as economy, crime and service delivery are concerned- but who knows, if he gets to know God, he might just turn out to be a marvellous president and save S.A. (and the continent) from devastation.
Sorry for the loooong comment, but thought you might be interested?

all4memories said...

AMEN!! I second that post!

Kelly said...

Thank you, Miekie for the movie suggestion and the information about your elections. I was very ignorant about the political situation in SA. I agree that we must pray for our leaders--we are commanded to, after all. No matter if we agree with those in authority over us, we must hold them up in prayer--God can change their hearts! Many of us in the US don't agree with our current leadership (in spite of what our very biased media would have you believe) and we wonder what our country is coming to. It's all in God's hands, isn't it?