Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swimsuit Shopping....


Is there any worse type of shopping? My 2 daughters and I all need new swimsuits this year and have been to numerous stores looking for them. And trying them on. And hating the way we look in them. And delivering speeches on the state of our society and its lack of modesty.

On the other hand, the menfolk just look at a rack of swimtrunks, pick a size and pattern they like, pay for it and exit the store, without ever trying it on OR feeling like they need plastic surgery or spray-on tan. Can you tell I'm a little bitter about the whole trying-on-swimsuit thing?

You didn't really think I'd post a photo of us trying on swimsuits, did you?

Later Days!

P.S. We managed to find K 2 swimsuits today...which is good, since she has a pool party tomorrow night and goes to GA Camp next week.


Anonymous said...

Does M seem to be bothered by the problem u have? He seems pretty laid back as he strugles with it.Be cool .It will all work out.Pop

Anonymous said...

Amen, sista! err... mama!
Any sort of clothes shopping is a pain, but there's nothing worse than swimsuit shopping! Hopefully you and I will find something soon. We just gotta hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Don't we wish we could be as "laid back" as M. He doesn't have to work at it and he's still adorable. You girls just keep looking and trying on and you will find something great. I'm sure of it! Love, Mimi

all4memories said...

I'm right there with ya!! :)

Ian, Julie-Joy and Momma said...

Lands End - expensive, but if you can find it on overstock - they're the best! I HATE swimsuit shopping!!