Monday, March 2, 2009

And now for something completely different....

Thank you for your patience with my whining over the last couple of days while the family has been sick. Suffice it to say, whining has NOT repelled the germs of doom; rather, it seems to have attracted even more bacteria, a whine-resistant strain, that has invaded the bodies of the previously well.

***That's my way of saying that now I'm not feeling so great, either.***

We're going to try ignoring the sickness, blog-wise, and see if it goes away :).

Therefore, you now see before you a photo of my two boys, ages 12 & 3, equally enamored with a felt board. Little M., being so taken with the felts at the library every Tuesday, got a couple of felt story sets for Christmas (people of the world & dinosaurs). Each set came with a background-board. Today, I taped the two boards together at the top and rigged a piece of cardboard at the bottom to easel-fy it so that it would stand on the table. ***Don't feel inferior if you didn't know the word "easel-fy"--many people don't*** This simple act didn't cost anything, made it easier to play with, and turned it into a "new" toy as far as my kids were concerned. Now, my boys are doing crazy things with dinosaurs and people and I'm getting a little bit of peace== Priceless!

Later Days!

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all4memories said...

They look like they are having a great time.

I hope you get to feeling better. You just don't have time to get sick. :D