Friday, March 6, 2009

Keys, please.

So. If you've talked to me at all or read my blog or corresponded with me on Facebook, you know we've been battling sickness for a week and a half at our house. Having been homebound with four sick children during this time, I've developed a wild and dangerous look in my eye (just ask my husband).

Last night, the kids all felt pretty good at the same time for the first time since the plague began. This led us, foolishly as it turns out, to believe it would be a good idea to load everybody up in the MotherShip and go thru a drive-thru somewhere to pick up supper. Well, the first part was easy. We successfully loaded everyone in the van. We quickly discovered that we were locked out of the house with nary a key among the three key-carrying family members. Remember...all four children had been sick for over a week; they now had to sit in the van, in the dark, hungry, waiting (and complaining) while Dad and Mom tried to redeem the evening.

After several attempts at the three different doors and the accessible windows, we determined that we needed to call a locksmith so as not to damage property that doesn't actually belong to us (we rent). Fortuitously, I had my cell phone in my pocket (the only cell phone present among the three cell phone-carrying family members) so we called a friend who looked up locksmiths in the phone book for us. Immediately after placing the second round of calls to friend and locksmith (first locksmith didn't answer so we had to call friend again), my cell phone's battery went dead. Forty-five minutes and $70 dollars later, we were back in the house.

You might think we would be deterred from our original mission. No, we would not be defeated. We gathered ALL house keys and cell phones and successfully did our fast food run.

Many thanks to our friend L. who, though understandably finding our situation humorous, found locksmith numbers for us AND even sent her husband (who had not even been home yet) over to check on us and offer his mad housebreaking skilz (and also to mock us--Thanks R). She knew how absurd the situation was because she, too, has been housebound with her own two sick children for several days; she knew that getting out of the house was a Big Event. Being the good friend she is, she even suggested we two go out for lunch today since our husbands would be home and could handle the kids. Since having a 3 1/2 hour talk (and lunch) today, I think the wild look is finally gone from my eye. Though the waitress now has a wild look since we out-stayed her at the restaurant!

Later Days!

P.S. Today, we had two more keys made and safely stowed in case (when) this kind of thing happens again.


all4memories said...

Oh, my. What a wonderfully memorable evening. :o) Glad everyone is better!

Jan and Miekie said...

Ha ha! One day the children will read this post again and have a good laugh. I'm glad you are all better. Keep well and have a great week.