Thursday, March 19, 2009


Update on K: Making some progress. Had a good night but threw up first thing this morning after a coughing fit. We're hopeful that she's on the mend.

Today's photo shows M. busily scooping uncooked rice out of one bowl with various sizes of measuring cups and spoons and dumping it into another. Not only does this activity give him practice in dexterity, but it also keeps him busy for a few minutes so I can get something done :). It also gives him practice in using the dustbuster to clean up the mess on the floor when he's done. See, homeschooling does prepare children for real life!

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and the activity itself. Great training for when Mimi gets him that sand box. Good job M. Hope K. is on the road to recovery and that no one else falls victim to the "bug". Mimi

all4memories said...

Ha! Ha! What do we do with these unsocialized and unprepared kids?? I have to tell you. I had an interesting "talk" with a certain older preacher on Wednesday night that made reference to that. I was a little surprised, but then again I wasn't, as nothing really surprises me with him. Ha! I mean he tells me he walks with a cane to keep the women away. :o)

I pray K. gets up today and is healed. Give that sweet boy (M.) a big hug from us. You can hug the others for us, too. :o)

We love you all!

Kelly said...

I can't imagine what that preacher told you!?! :) We always had interesting conversations.

K. is feeling alright today--just coughing. Thanks for the prayers and hugs :).

When's C. getting baptized?

all4memories said...

C. is being baptized tomorrow morning!!