Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's me again....

Hi, my name is Kelly and I am an occasional blogger. I guess you can tell we had too much fun with all the grandparents and it's taking me some time to recover! We had a terrific time with all four of them here and I think they enjoyed it, too :).

I'd like to be able to say that things are getting back to normal this week, but it just wouldn't be true. Some aspects have been normal...for example, we did go to the library today and we've resumed our normal homeschool schedule. The atypical part is where I have a social life!

Last night, I enjoyed a Krispy Kreme run with my friend, Mandy (from A Day in the Life of the Padgetts). We stayed out entirely too late talking about everything under the sun. Tonight, Hubby and I went out to dinner with our friends Rick and Yvonne. After house arrest while the kids were sick, it's been very nice to be part of society again :).

Speaking of sick...it seems that our 7 yo, K., is unwell again...judging by the mess Hubby and I just had to clean up :(. We attacked it as a team, swooping in with towels and carpet cleaner, sticking clothes and towels in the washer, comforting the sick, and ushering her into a nice, warm shower to clean herself up.

We pray that this is short-lived and doesn't sweep through the household like the last plague.

Later Days!


Mandy Padgett said...

I'm so sorry K. is sick! I hope it passes soon.

Thanks for last night! I so enjoyed Krispy Kreme! Oh, and I enjoyed the time with you, too. Really, you have no idea how bad I needed that!

Keep us posted on K.

all4memories said...

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHEERIOS????? WHAT ABOUT YOUR CHOLESTEROL????? (You may put your payment in the mail tomorrow for the doctor, Dr. Lee, that is.) :o)

Wow! It seems you get rid of one thing, and then comes something else. I sure hope K. gets to feeling better pretty quick. I hate she's sick again. Bless her heart. And bless your heart, too. Hugs to you!!