Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From the mouths of babes...

I don't have much to report regarding the plague on my house, but I thought I'd relate something cute M. said tonight. While hubby went to church, the patients...I mean, kids...and I watched "Jon & Kate plus 8." That show certainly puts any struggles I have with four children into proper perspective.

This episode showed their family sitting around a fire bowl in their backyard, making and eating s'mores (which are made of graham crackers, topped with chocolate and toasted marshmallows). M. apparently remembered when we made these, toasting the marshmallows in our fireplace (featured in a previous post). Seeing them being eaten on tv prompted M. to ask for a "firecracker!" Get it...Fire-cracker?

Well, I think it's obvious that I need more sleep :o).

Later Days!


Susan C-Y said...

That is adorable!

Jon and Kate have help with their eight. Keep that in mind. :P

Where are the pictures??

all4memories said...

I just watched that episode myself a little bit ago. They must have played a rerun of a rerun? I think they may be having a Jon and Kate marathon tonight because they're still playing, and it's after midnight. (Time for bed)

Anyway, what M. said was cute. I think the sticks that they gave the kids could be classified as "weapons of mass destruction" - at least in my house they would be. :o)

How is everyone now? Is Alan the only one that's NOT sick?

Anonymous said...

Well, Mom, seems you still have your sense of humor(?) and M must be feeling a little better. Keep the faith. I believe if you look hard enough you can see the light from the other end of the tunnel. Hope to see you guys soon. I need a "Grands" fix. Love and prayers. Mimi