Friday, March 20, 2009

T(ea) minus 11.5 hours

If you know me in real life, you know that I talk...a lot. That is, in small groups or one-on-one. NOT in public settings where people are looking at me. All of that will change tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to be "interviewed" at a Ladies' Tea given by our church. Apparently, the ladies of the church want to get to know the pastor's wife a bit better, though I keep telling them that I'm not that interesting.

Pray that I survive the stress and at least get a good blog entry out of it! Tune in tomorrow for an update :).

Later Days!


Jan and Miekie said...
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Jan and Miekie said...

It is now nearly 1 pm here - I suppose it is still very early in the morning there - hope you're still asleep! I pray for you as I sit here. You sound like a very interesting person to me and I am sure the interview will go very well. Just relax and trust God. If He could let Moses speak, why not you (and I bet you don't have a speech problem like he had!) (The comment was deleted by me - I wrote hear instead of here and it made no sense).

all4memories said...

You're too hard on yourself. They just want all the dirt that the rest of us already know. :o)

Really, I'm praying for you!

Love you!

Kelly said...

Thank you both for your prayers! That means a lot to me. I enjoyed the fellowship w/ the other women (and the good food) and I survived the part where I had to talk in front of people :).
Now I have to get back to my usual Saturday business of house cleaning!