Monday, March 9, 2009

Back in the saddle....

We're trying to get back into our homeschool routine after a week of sickness. Sure, we did a few assignments while the kids were not-well-enough to be active but well-enough-to-be-bored BUT that's very different from a full-fledged school day.

In today's photo, you can see K. working on her math worksheet. She's doing some subtracting with borrowing and is using a number line as a visual aid. I simply printed off a number line and put it in a page protector so she can use a dry erase marker, wipe it off, and use it again for the next problem. Ultimately, of course, she won't be using a number line every time she needs to subtract, but using different types of manipulatives when practicing a skill appeals to her visual and tactile sides. Obviously, working with a dry erase marker appeals to M.'s visual and tactile sides, too!

In the background of K. and M.'s math work is a model of Rome. That's not really part of anyone's schoolwork today but M. found our fold-out book of facts and illustrations of Rome and E. set it up on the table for him. The kids have been studying it in a casual manner as they pass by--hmmmm...I might "quiz" them over lunch and see if they're retaining anything. I think frozen pizza and facts about Rome go together nicely, don't you?

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

Good to see them up and working and not in pajamas. Makes a Mimi feel good. Let me know how well frozen pizza and Rome does go together.

Kelly said...

I hate to admit it...but M. is wearing his Mickey Mouse pjs in the picture :).

Mandy Padgett said...

PJ's are like uniforms at our school! :)

all4memories said...

My kids would say frozen pizza goes with anything. :o)

Glad everyone is better, and y'all are locked up INSIDE your house instead of OUTSIDE. ☺

Kelly said...

It's true, pjs are standard wear around here on lots of days :). Frozen pizza is also pretty standard, too!

And Living Out Loud (otherwise known as all4memories)...pretty funny remark :). I hope you've got a couple of spare keys hidden somewhere, too?