Saturday, January 31, 2009

Did anything happen today?

Yesterday, I listed several "happenings" that kept us busy. We very much enjoyed visiting with my parents & welcoming Baby Molly to our church family.

Today...I have nothing to report. And that's great! Much of my day was spent in my flannel pjs--a perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Unfortunately, my parents had to leave this afternoon to get back home and prepare for the Lord's Day. Mimi worked hard to get my laundry caught up :o) (not that I asked her to, by the way). I appreciate that so much; I also appreciate that she and Papa always have time to play with the kids when they're visiting. And thanks, Papa, for letting me access my FB account on your computer when mine wouldn't cooperate.

I hope everyone has a blessed Lord's Day. Now, I must start the round of Saturday night baths with my children.

Later Days!

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Anonymous said...

You know you're always welcome to all I can do for you. lot's of love to you and yours .Pop