Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sick Day

Unfortunately, we're revisiting M's fever. During the night, he was uncomfortable because of the fever and the cough, so I spent the latter part of the night/early morning in the recliner, holding him. He slept well upright; me...not so much.

As a result, he and I are home from church, waiting for naptime (2-4 p.m., if anyone's interested). He's in fine spirits and hasn't let this cold(?) get him down, though he did cry a bit when everyone else left for services this morning. A side effect of being home on Sunday is that I have to smell the roast cooking in the crockpot and it's driving me crazy!

I'll try to update later on any changes in the patient's condition :o).

Later Days!

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Jan and Miekie said...

Hope you are both feeling better today! Good luck with school. I still have a week's vacation, but the rest of my family all started working today. I am looking after the two babies again, until their school reopen. (My word verification for this post is "works" - maybe it tries to tell me something!)