Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm still here...

Hi friends and family! It's been a few days since I've updated (as I've been reminded by several people). Unfortunately, we've had several funerals these last few days. Fortunately, we've also had several visits from friends!

In fact, we just got to see our friend Mark from back home. He's close by for some firefighter training and came to our church service tonight & went to eat Mexican with us afterward. ****Here's a shout-out to his family--Hello S, T, and O; we miss you!****

Moving on to a totally unrelated topic...I had to go to the dr. today to get some bloodwork done. I'm hoping my cholesterol numbers are down sufficiently that I can control it with diet and exercise. Of course, that's probably not done by eating Mexican food, is it? I've been trying to do better with the exercise lately; I've been sore for days because I "hula-hooped" too much with the Wii Fit :o). Working out with the Wii Fit provides not only physical activity for the individual playing, but a good dose of laughter for those who are watching!

Tomorrow, we're going to have more visitors (we hope)...Nana and Gdad are coming to stay for a few days! Maybe I can post some photos of fun stuff (or of Micah sleeping).

Later Days!

P.S. The photo is of Micah at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant last week. I just included it so Mimi would forgive me for not updating my blog sooner :o).


Anonymous said...

You know me so well. M. pictures make me very forgiving. Mimi

Jan and Miekie said...

I pray that your blood tests will show a lower cholesterol count. The exercise will definitely help - and then you CAN eat your Mexican food! I've been to the physio this afternoon: my back was stiff after indulging into much swimming for untrained muscles. When I did diagonal crunches, it felt as if I were lying on a rope and I had to turn onto my side before I could get up. Weird. Actually I do not think the visit was REALLY necessary as the Healer had already heard my prayers and I was on the mend. I reflect on Psalms 1-10 when I swim (10 laps are a 1/4 mile). It helps me to count the laps, but it is also a blessing to pray these psalms. I pray Psalm 6 for healing - and then why am I surprised when He does what I've asked??
I am sorry to hear about the funerals. Family or congregation members? I hope you have a great time with your family.

Kelly said...

Hi Miekie! I'm working out, eating oatmeal, plenty of fiber, veggies, etc. AND praying that we'll see some good results in a few weeks.
Sorry I wasn't clear about the funerals--they were congregation members. They'll be missed but we'll see them again!
I'm glad your back is doing better :o).

Anonymous said...

Way to go K . Keep it up. and sell those cookies.