Monday, January 12, 2009


Monday always means back to the school routine for my crowd. We do our devotions together, read aloud from good literature, and then each child does assignments in science, history, math, and writing. Mix a bit of keeping-M-out-of-trouble and mom-doing-housework in there and you pretty much have our average school day. Now that E is in high school, there's usually something to be checked over with her in the evenings (i.e. Algebra!). She is also involved in our church's food pantry so some days she's at the church for a few hours, working on school assignments during lulls. Maybe someday, I'll do a play-by-play account of our day for the blog :o). We homeschoolers like to see that everyone else's days are as crazy as our own!

We had wonderful services yesterday at church--God is doing great things! Though we are seeing many blessings, there are situations that need to be bathed in prayer. It seems that Satan is attacking on so many fronts. I'm sure every believer reading this could say the same thing. Let's be faithful to lift our Christian brothers and sisters up in prayer.

Later Days!


all4memories said...

You know God is up to something when Satan starts attacking. We'll be praying.

Anonymous said...

You know we'll be praying always. Mimi

Jan and Miekie said...

Amen to your last paragraph! Here is Southern Africa there is so much paganism still. The witch doctors still play a great roll in the lives of many. Even "Christians" go to them.
Zimbabwe is a total disaster: the hospitals have had to close because there is no water or medicine. The sick can't get to the hospitals anyway because they can't afford the transport. The mortuaries have been closed: deceased must be kept at home until they are buried. An unthinkable situation what with all the cholera going around.
But there are also positive things happening here in S.A. for example the Mighty Men conference and the Kwasizabantu mission. (We were there this past weekend and very impressed.)