Friday, January 30, 2009

Today's Happenings

Big news for our church family! Our Student Minister's family just increased by one--Molly Joy was born this evening! She weighs 7lb.6oz., has dark hair, and is absolutely beautiful. Praise the Lord for the blessing of new life and congratulations to B, M, big brother W, and big sister A!

In other news, we've been enjoying Mimi and Papa's visit. Yesterday, we bought a new sleeper sofa (and a loveseat and recliner to go with it) and they got to try it out last night. In fact, they had a little red-haired visitor that insisted on sleeping with them. I took a picture this morning just to prove that we occasionally let him sleep in a bed!

Mimi and Papa then watched the kiddos during lunch while Hubby and I ate at an Indian restaurant with the Director of Missions Mobilization for the SC Baptist Convention. We're praying about taking a mission trip to India in the Spring. That's right--I might get to go, too :o).

Let's see, E. had an eye exam today and got new contacts, our whole crew went out to a great BBQ place for dinner, and then Hubby, E. and I got to go see the new baby. Wonder what's going to happen tomorrow?

Later Days!

P.S. To clarify, M. DOES sleep in a bed, even though most photos of him on the blog show him on the floor.

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all4memories said...

Tell the family we said congratulations.