Monday, January 19, 2009

Hoping for Snow!

Well, here in SC there's a feeling of excitement in the air. The weatherman is predicting a little bit of snow for tomorrow! I know, I know...I've lived in SC all my life and these predictions usually come to nothing...but a girl can hope, can't she? As a homeschooler, it won't even mean a day off of school, but my crew will sure be excited to see some white stuff coming down instead of rain.

K. had her first Girl Scout meeting today. Anybody want to buy some Girl Scout cookies? I was a Girl Scout many years ago and loved it, so I hope K. enjoys it as much as I did. Even selling (and eating) cookies is fun. We've got to get her Brownie vest soon because she's already working on her first badge (one about animals).

For your viewing pleasure, yet another sleeping M. photo! I can't help myself; when he falls asleep on the floor I run for the camera now. Here, he's clutching his "Bob the Builder" toy laptop computer.

Later Days!


all4memories said...

We're hoping for snow, too. Maybe we should do some sort of snow dance. :o)

How much are cookies selling for and what kinds are available? (Is there a website with all the varieties?) We want to support K. and the other homeschooled girl scouts.

Cute photo of M.

Miekie said...

I hope for your sakes too that you get some snow! It is very rare in most parts of South Africa. Pretoria has not seen snow since the 5 min of snow (which melted as it fell on the ground) in 1964! I was in Grade 8 then. Global warming does not help!

Anonymous said...

Papa and I want to order GS cookies. Could we get you to deliver them? At least that would get you back home again.
That picture of our baby asleep is very sweet. He does just drop in his tracks when he gets tired. Mimi