Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy National Hugging Day!

I haven't been updating you as to what "holidays" are being celebrated daily with our devotion book, have I? Well, according to 365 Days of Celebration & Praise, today is National Hugging Day. The kids and I have thoroughly celebrated amongst ourselves (with N. being a reluctant recipient as always) and we're waiting for Hubby to get home from the office so we can initiate him. I hope you all celebrate appropriately with your family and friends :o).

As for today's photos, you can observe my two boys playing with Lincoln Logs, as well as K. doing her math at the table. Disclaimer: N. had already finished his math and was helping occupy M. I am NOT a mean old bat who would let the boys play while making K. slave over her work.

Tonight, we're hoping to go out to eat as a family (payday, you know). We haven't seen very much of Dad/Hubby this week so it will be fun to get out together.

Later Days!


all4memories said...

Mean old bat?? That sounds like something your very loving brother would say. :o)

We've celebrated NHD today. Thankfully my crew likes hugs. C. likes it mostly when he first wakes up. I have to catch him at other times, and he doesn't mind as long as it doesn't take much of his time. :o)

Keep a watch out for my blog. I'll have some photos that may look a little strange. (You know how that goes.)

all4memories said...

Oh, I forgot..........

Happy Hugs to you!!!

Jan and Miekie said...

A hugging day! What a great idea!

Mandy Padgett said...

Oh, I hate that I missed National Hug Day! Oh well, here's a hug to your family anyway! :) Now, I think I will go hug mine!