Thursday, January 29, 2009

Harvest Hope field trip

Today we took a homeschool field trip to the main location of the Harvest Hope food bank. My daughter E regularly works at our church's branch of this organization and it was time for re-stocking. We were amazed at the work this organization does to feed the hungry! Miss Pat's daughter, Kristy, works in the administrative office and took us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility.

This particular facility services 20 counties in SC. The amount of food that the staff and volunteers collect, process, and distribute is astounding. The photos show Kristy and 3 of my kids in the warehouse--and that photo does NOT do justice to the amount of food we saw today! Also shown are the kids helping unload a pickup truck of food at the church.

If you want to learn more about Harvest Hope and how you can help feed the hungry in SC (or how you can have their mascot, Cool Can Sam, come to an event) please check out their website at:

Thank you to Kristy for the tour and for all you do for Harvest Hope!

Later Days!

p.s. Due to circumstances, Nana and Gdad weren't able to come visit us at this time. We're very sorry that they couldn't come and we hope that they will be able to soon; we're praying for y'all back home. Thankfully, Mimi and Papa decided on the spur of the moment to join us so we will be able to visit with grandparents after all!

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