Monday, January 5, 2009

Sick Day pt.3

Well, we had another bad night with little M. He awoke with a fever again so off we went to the doctor. During the long wait, the Motrin kicked in, the fever came down, and M began to charm everyone in the waiting room. He jumped off of chairs, told strangers about our cat, and generally made me feel silly about taking him to the doctor! I'm happy to report that he has a cold--well...not happy, exactly...but happy it's not anything worse. So, I'll keep administering Motrin and cough syrup, squirting saline up his nose and keeping those fluids flowing.

Thought I'd provide a couple of photos--including the obligatory "M asleep on the floor" photo and one of K showing M her dolls.

Later Days!


all4memories said...

I'm glad to know that M. just has a cold. I was concerned when you said that his cough had become worse.

I wish I could be like M., and just sleep any way anywhere. :o) Cute pic.

Jan and Miekie said...

You'll be glad you posted the photos - in cyberspace they can never get lost. Do you know Echinacea? It is a herb found in various cold remedies - I like "Viral Choice" the best. I find that if you start overdosing with it as soon as you feel a scratch in your throat, it stops the cold of developing - as long as you keep on taking it nearly every awake hour for about two days. It is like an "antibiotic" for a virus. However it does not work once the cold has developed into a full blown cold.