Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!

Well, we got some snow! Not much, but some. The ground had a dusting of white when we got up this morning so the family bundled up to go for a walk around the neighborhood. We met neighbors out walking, too, since the local school district made the decision to close the schools today. By the time we got back, the little bit of snow in the yard was melted! It is still flurry-ing so we're enjoying the view.

Note about the photos: These are from our walk around the neighborhood--you can see our house (no longer with any snow in the yard, but some falling), our neighbor's tiny snowman, a palm tree with snow on it (a rare sight), the pile of clothes, coats, and shoes inside the front door (every mom's delight; please excuse the messy bookcase), and a little stinker showing his "paw" mittens.

For those concerned that the planets may be knocked out of orbit...yes, we ARE planning to go to the library like we usually do on Tuesdays (as long as it's open). That reminds me...I need to call and see if they are operating on their regular schedule. You know, in SC, even this much snow creates quite a bit of excitement!

Later Days!


Jan and Miekie said...

I bet it's pretty cold with all the snow melting! Glad you got to experience some snow. It is pretty isn't it! The palm tree with snow is a rare sight. We once had snow in Spring in Kempton Park (near Johannesburg) and I have pics of our blooming peach tree, covered with snow.

Anonymous said...

Even the little bit of snow you got was more than your former part of the world received. Maybe next time. Love the pictures especially the one of "stinker". Mimi

all4memories said...

Ooooohhhhh, I wish we had gotten some. My hopes sure were up, and I was so disappointed when I awoke. I'm hoping God sees fit to send some our way pretty soon.