Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Catching up

Let's see, today is Wednesday, yes? In my last post, I described our visit with cousins on Monday. Yesterday, was Library Day, of course. Aside from that, a pretty uneventful day. Some laundry, cleaning, laundry, cooking, reading, schoolwork, laundry.... Last night, Hubby and I had a deacons and wives social to attend that was very nice. It's great to get to know these folks better in a casual setting.

E. babysat for us again and, by all accounts, things went pretty well. Not only was she promised some compensation ($$$) for her efforts, but N. & K. were promised a small amount for their cooperation as well (Christmas gifts to buy, you know). That is, if each gave a good report on everyone else's behavior. Either they did well, or they collaborated on their accounts, which would show more teamwork than they are naturally inclined to. So, we consider the experiment a success!

Today, more laundry, cleaning, schoolwork, decorating, laundry, and planning for the weekend events (Church Children's Party on Friday night, Staff gathering at our house on Saturday, N.'s 12th b-day on Sunday). Oh, and laundry.

Before closing, I must tell you about a fantastic God-thing that happened. Some special folks (you know who you are) blessed us with an unexpected financial gift on Monday. Yesterday, Hubby's truck broke down (Thankfully, just as he was cruising up to the church office). The needed replacement part cost the same amount as the financial gift & our Youth Pastor had the expertise to install the part! When Hubby called to tell me, E. and I praised the Lord and had a prayer meeting! Naturally, we've talked to those special folks to thank them plus telling them how God used their generosity to minister to us. God timed another blessing just right to show us that He is in control and taking care of us, even when our concerns are not life-or-death ones, just inconvenient and stressful.

Better do some...ummm...laundry?
Later Days!

P.S. Thought I'd post another couple of photos from our visit with Living Out Loud & Co. on Monday. Fiesta Time at the restaurante Mexicano!

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all4memories said...

You know, I really appreciate that picture. :o)

I am so far behind. I want to blog about our visit, and I will, but I have been staying up until all hours of the morning working on these calendars that we will be giving as gifts. Hopefully I will be done before too long.

God is amazing and His timing is just perfect!!!