Monday, December 15, 2008

N.'s birthday!

Sunday, we celebrated my elder son's 12th birthday! N. is a smart, funny, handsome, creative, Christian young man, of whom we're very proud. Our celebration was fairly low-key since we're going to be having a larger celebration next weekend back home.

Our day began with all 4 kids piling onto our bed for the birthday boy to open his presents. He seemed very pleased with them, particularly the video camera, which will allow he and K. to make the movie "shorts" that they are always scripting. In fact, now I live in constant fear of being filmed! All of the grandparents called to wish N. a happy birthday and sing to him. In fact, Mimi and Papa decided to leave right after their morning service to come for a visit!

Afterwards, we scrambled around to get ready and get to church on time. Our church's choir did a beautiful job on the Christmas cantata. Then, we had a church-wide dinner, for which hubby had baked a ham (delicious!).

During the afternoon, Mimi and Papa arrived, causing much excitement around our house. We enjoyed spending some time visiting, watching N. new Wall-E movie, and eating. We were sorry to see them leave in the evening but we're already looking forward to seeing the whole family on the 19th (which is Mimi's birthday!). In fact the whole celebration was so "low-key" that I forgot to get b-day candles for N.'s cake and had to gather a whole bunch of candles from all over the house for him to blow out! He didn't seem to mind (he's very low-key, himself); plus, he's having a fancy cake at next weekend's combo party.

Our church did not have evening services, so we had family worship, with K. reading Scripture and leading us in a devotion, E. leading us in "Joy to the World", and N. taking prayer requests and leading us in prayer. M. tried to put on some kind of floor show, but we calmed him as much as possible.

As always on a birthday, I like to reflect on the events surrounding the actual "birth day" of the child. This involves getting out the scrapbooks and reminiscing about the photos and the feelings. Usually, other children want to get out the scrapbooks and talk about their birth. Of course, this sappy mom complies :o). All in all, I thought it was a nice birthday for N.

Later Days!

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all4memories said...

Happy birthaday, N.!!!!!!!