Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recovering from Partying....

OK, it wasn't THAT kind of partying!  The last few days have been spent getting ready for some parties, having some parties, and cleaning up from some parties.

The church's Children's party was last night and was...ummm...loud? From the point of view of the children, that's a success :o). There was pizza, sugar in various forms, craft time, party time, and a time of reading and discussing the true meaning of Christmas. The photos above just don't do the party justice without all the accompanying noise and chaos.

Today, our family hosted a party for the church staff and their families--it added up to about 18 people, counting us. Not quite as loud as the children's party last night, but still fun. Above are photos of our youth minister and his family and another of friends that have recently been called to another church to serve there. They are the parents of 2 of K.'s BFFs (Just for the record, K. has several BFFs). We really enjoyed talking and munching goodies while the kids played together. My house was clean-ish, briefly, but took a hit :o).

Last, there's a photo of M. collasped on the floor after the party.  This blog will soon be given over to photos of my littlest boy asleep in strange positions if I'm not careful! No matter, we've already tidied up and are looking forward to tomorrow's festivities. Have I mentioned that tomorrow is my elder son, N.'s, 12th birthday?

After the morning worship service, there's a big church dinner (for which hubby is baking a ham). There are no evening worship services tomorrow night, so we'll have family worship, with the kids being in charge of a devotion, music, and prayer requests. When asked what N. wanted to do for his birthday, he said he wanted to eat pizza, eat sour cream & onion potato chips, eat sour cream & onion dip, eat Cool Ranch Doritos, drink our special Open House Green Punch, and play Wii. Oh, yes, and open presents. That's a par-tay, people! We plan to comply, within reason--I have no intention of eating Cool Ranch Doritos.

Next weekend, we'll travel "back home" to celebrate his birthday again, along with my Mom's birthday.

Hope everyone reading this has a blessed Lord's Day (and N.'s birthday)!

Later Days!

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all4memories said...

What's up with the Cool Ranch Doritos??? They're yummy, especially with Taco Soup. :o)

I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos of M. fast asleep in the various places. Should I loan you the one I took of him asleep all sprawled out when we were there? :o)