Thursday, December 4, 2008

Social Whirl

Is anybody else having a busy December? Silly question, I know. It seems that every single day of this month has (at least) one social commitment, with some days having several. Granted, some occasions just involve certain family members, but that lends the complication of transporting whoever to wherever the whatever is.

For example, tomorrow night our family has to attend the city's tree lighting event and...get this...SIT ON THE PODIUM. I'm glad that Hubby was asked to lead in prayer, but a little less thrilled that his socially awkward wife and four normal (active? potentially combative?) children will be in the public's eye. Afterwards,some of the city's restaurants will host a buffet, upon which our crew will descend like piranhas. Then, off to the church for another event.

If it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not. Well, maybe about the podium thing. Otherwise, it's a wonderful blessing to have friends, family, and our church family to fellowship with during this wonderfully busy time, celebrating our Savior's birth. And when the day is done, it's wonderful to come home and drop in your tracks like M. in the photo :o).

Later Days!


all4memories said...
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all4memories said...

M. looks about the way I feel nearly every day, especially this month.

Wow! I didn't know that you all were like rock stars, with all the hooplah at the tree lightng. :o) You just sit pretty and pray real hard. Y'all may be asked to lead the Christmas Parade!!! Now, wouldn't that be special?? (Hee! Hee!)

Please tell E. that S. and C. miss her, too. I'm glad she's continuing her ministry. I KNOW first hand what a blessing it is.

Jan and Miekie said...

Enjoy sitting on the podium! My father was on some Monument committee, so when it was the Republic's 5th anniversary, there were all these festivals and a grand defense force parade. We drove to the main event in the V.I.P. cavalcade - in a blue valiant station-wagon - all the other V.I.P cars were black! I was in grade 10 (1966)and still remember feeling very grand. Hope your children will enjoy it too and cherish the memory. At least your occasion is not about a white minority government bragging about its "successes"! H.F. Verwoerd was still the prime minister - the heyday of apartheid. He got assasinated the same year I think.