Friday, December 5, 2008

Tree Lighting Ceremony

Well, we survived the public appearance! I have to commend our city for the nature of the Tree Lighting Ceremony--rather than being a politically correct "Holiday" celebration, it was clearly a Christ's Birthday celebration, with prayers, carols, and a message from a local pastor. My crew behaved themselves nicely and even M. was relatively quiet. He was fascinated by the large choir, the handbells and the fact that all this was taking place outside!

Afterwards, we enjoyed foods from many local restaurants at a buffet set up inside City Hall. Then, on to our church for a dessert social! We enjoyed all of the events very much and are sufficiently "sugared up" now :o).

Tomorrow, we get to travel "back home" again to see the family and attend a Christmas party given by some special friends. Then, right back home for Sunday services. We're looking forward to seeing everyone again. If I don't post again before Sunday, I hope everyone has a blessed Lord's Day!

Later Days!


all4memories said...

Have they asked y'all to lead the parade yet???!!! :o)

Jan and Miekie said...

Glad it was a Christ feast and that it was a pleasant experience rather than an ordeal! Enjoy your time with the family.

Kelly said...

No, no parade yet. Maybe next year :o).