Monday, December 8, 2008

Living Out Loud takes a Leap Of Faith

I couldn't resist using the names of our respective blogs as a title. My cousin, S., who blogs over at Living Out Loud came with her family for a visit today. We've really missed her crew since moving, particularly since we'd grown closer over the last few years. We were close as youngsters and played together, had sleepovers,and went to the same church. As we grew older and went to college, got married, and had children, we seldom saw one another. Then, her husband became the music minister at the church my husband pastored and we picked up where we had left off, minus the Barbies. It was fun to see our 7 yo daughters play together like we had so many years before. Unfortunately, one of the hard things about our move was leaving behind good friends, knowing that we wouldn't see them very often.

We were so excited when the doorbell rang this morning! The kids ran to play together and S. and I just enjoyed sitting and talking for a long while, covering every subject under the sun, while our husbands talked ministry stuff. Things got a little crazy when S. and I took over the Wii and played Mario Kart :o). We learned that our children are much better at that kind of thing, but it was fun nonetheless.

We enjoyed dinner at a local Mexican restaurant before they had to leave. Like many times before, we sat and talked around the table long after we had finished eating. S. and I couldn't resist capturing some photos for our blogs :o).

We enjoyed ourselves so much today. Though we didn't do anything flashy, it was a wonderful time of relaxing and catching up with each others' lives. Hopefully, it was the first of many such times.

Later Days!Kelly

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all4memories said...

We had such fun!! Thanks for letting us come and crash your day. :o)