Saturday, December 27, 2008

Digging out

Whew! We're back at our house and we're trying to dig our way out of the mess! We left early on Christmas morning (though not as early as we would have liked, due to a flat tire), leaving piles of wrapping paper and toys scattered everywhere. We had Christmas lunch at Mimi and Papa's house, followed by another round of gift-unwrapping. Then, we went to Christmas dinner at Nana and Papa's house, followed by another round of gift-unwrapping! We were blessed to see our siblings and their families, in addition to seeing all the grandparents. The two nights we spent "back home" involved a complicated formula to determine who-spends-what-night-where. We didn't get to spend a huge amount of time anywhere, but we got to see everybody some, and for that we're grateful.

I've spent this evening trying to put the house in some sort of order and get the family ready for the Lord's Day tomorrow. Not only are we looking forward to going to church, but we're looking forward to Mimi and Papa coming to visit for a few days! That's right, they didn't have enough of us over Christmas, so they're coming to our house! you think I should put them to work?

Better run for now--much to do. I hope to get some Christmas photos up over the next couple of days, so enjoy!

Later Days!

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Jan and Miekie said...

Enjoy the last 2 days of 2008! Christmas is nearly a year away and then we start all over with the rush (and fun and joy and celebration!)