Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is the weekend over already?

Whew! Anybody else tired? We had a great time on our whirlwind trip back home to celebrate birthdays. I have a few photos of the family at my home church's social hall--the cousins had a great time running...just running...and running. M. has developed a habit of snatching something (anything) from someone else and just running so he'll be chased. It doesn't seem to matter much to him if he gets in trouble for it or not. Could he be what Dr. Dobson refers to as a "Strong-willed Child" and is there any other kind?

After we got home last night, I had to run out to the store to get some supplies to tide us over for a few days. I had the interesting experience of witnessing a case of what I suppose was Road Rage. While I was stopped at a light, I saw a vehicle stopped at another part of the intersection, the part that had the green light. The driver jumped out of his car, walked back to a man on a scooter behind him and punched him in the nose, knocking he and his scooter over. Then, he jumped in his car and took off. All traffic stopped for a moment; I suppose everyone was as stunned as I was. Several folks got out of their cars to help the man up and help move he and the scooter out of the road. I saw people dialing their phones, presumably calling for help, and I saw someone on a motorcycle take off after the offender, presumably to get his license plate number. Then, the moment passed and suddenly traffic surged ahead, people honking their horns as they hurried on past the scene. I can't tell you how troubling I found the whole experience--I was angered at the lawless man who took out his anger on someone and fled, I pitied the bloodied man who seemed so helpless, I was grateful for the kind people who stopped to help, and then I was angry again at the impatient people who just wanted everyone to get out of their way so they could continue their Christmas shopping.

I'm sure there's a parable there somewhere, but the truth is that I'll never know if there was a "happily ever after" for the victim or justice for the offender. I'll never know if the victim had been obnoxious to the other driver or if the offender was a man pushed to his limit by all sorts of factors and his frustration just spilled over. It's a reminder that we never know the struggles that everyone we meet are dealing with. Our smile or kind word could keep them from lashing out or giving up. I've prayed several times for the poor man whose humiliation was so public AND for the angry man, who hopefully regrets his outburst.

Today was the Lord's Day and we had wonderful worship services. Tonight was a Candlelight Communion service, in which each family in the church goes to the front together to take communion and be prayed for by the pastor. It was such a beautiful and meaningful time, knitting families closer together and reminding us of the One whose birth we are celebrating in a few days.

I pray that everyone reading this has a wonderful, blessed Christmas celebration!
Later Days!


all4memories said...

I can't believe you all were that close and didn't pop in to say hey. No, really I do understand. :o)

I think I probably would have been one of those who started dialing for help. Stuff like that really disturbs me.

Jan and Miekie said...

What an experience! It is difficult to love your enemies isn't it? We can just pray for them. We had a community carol singing event here at our house last night. It was very special. My son will lead our family in a Christmas communion on Chrismas eve. I am really looking forward to it.

mariki said...

Kelly, thank you for your kind wishes left at that "incomprehensible" Afrikaans web from Denver!

Your intersection experience is such a reminder that these things will be with us struggling sinners to the very end. Oh, how we thank Jesus for coming to redeem a broken people and world!

All of the best.