Monday, December 15, 2008

'Twas the lights before Christmas....

Hubby and I did get to go out and accomplish some Christmas shopping this afternoon. Then, we loaded up the kids and headed to our zoo for a function called "Lights Before Christmas". There were dazzling lights everywhere, Christmas music playing, a carousel, and even snow (machine-made, of course). We had such a good time, though we didn't actually get to see many animals. Most of the critters had retired for the night, apparently. We did witness some interesting exchanges of the human variety, though.

First, was the amorous couple by the gorilla exhibit. A study in "What Not To Do At The Zoo" when hundreds of small children are milling about. Who knew the animal funk that was a huge part of the zoo experience could be so romantic?

Next, was this conversation overheard in the farm animal barn...
Young woman, approaching the stall where a cow was laying: Is it real?
Young man (presumably her boyfriend) leans down to touch it.
Young woman: Don't touch it! It'll eat you!
Young man: It won't eat me--it's a cow!
Young woman: It's not a cow; cows are black and white!
That's when we exited the barn to have a good laugh. I never did find out whether the large animal that was posing as a cow ate the man, but it looked too sleepy when I saw it.

Later Days!

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all4memories said...

Makes you wonder about some folks, doesn't it?? :o)